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  • DRS
  • Appletree Consulting has supported DRS at suppliers in Northern and Southern California, the Midwest, and the United Kingdom.

    DRS policy prohibits staff from directly commenting on ACI's services, but the following sentiments regarding ACI's services have been expressed: -

    "Once again you really came through in a pinch for us on extremely short notice.  I appreciate your responsiveness and thoroughness in solving yet another complex Supply Chain issue.  Your technical knowledge and proximity to the problem really helped to resolve an issue we had been fighting for months.   Till the next challenge, Cheers!

    "Thank you so much for the help you given us with (XYZ Company).  It is so “lovely” to have them on-board & working directly with us on a regular basis.  The lines of communication have definitely been opened." "Thanks for your continued support in this."

    "Thank you for the detailed trip report, very helpful for us to understand their problems. Without it, we would still be in the dark."

    "Thank you for the trip report, very informative and thorough...very helpful in giving us a clear picture of their process to make more informed decisions...I have appreciated the open communication lines...

    "Thanks for your assistance. DRS has been very pleased with the performance of your company!!

    "Thanks again for your continued support. It’s a relief to know you are out there in the same time zone to keep on top of them.

  • Lockheed Martin
  • Appletree Consulting has supported Lockheed Martin facilities at suppliers in Southern California for several years.

    Lockheed Martin policy prohibits staff from directly commenting on ACI's services, but the following sentiments regarding ACI's services have been expressed: -

    "I look at (ACI) as my instant “boots on the ground”. You’re there quicker than I can get there and it keeps my SCM’s in place to work internal problems."

    "(ACI's) efforts were exactly what was needed."     "Thanks again for supporting us in our recovery."

     "Thanks for a job well done."     "(ACI) has done an outstanding job...of pursuing a 'get-to-green' status"

    "(ACI) has stepped-up many times to help when that extra effort was needed..."

  • Nord-Micro AG & Co OHG, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Appletree Consulting supported Nord-Micro at a supplier in the Southern California 'Inland Empire' area. The following comments on ACI's performance were received: -

    "In the ACI job description was tracking of all major overdue items, obtaining shipping schedules and presenting them on templates, providing a daily overview on the status of WIP treatments and participation on daily telecons between the supplier and Nord-Micro, affording rapid communication.

    In this time ACI improved the backlog situation significantly. ACI's constant engagement with the supplier, self-assertion and professionality helped to recover a lot of shippings on the Nord-Micro customer side.

    We thank ACI for their exceptional work and would recomend them for other projects."

    - Ingeborg Hiemesch-Seeger, Purchasing and Supplier Quality Manager

  • Hexcel Structures, Kent, Washington, USA
  • Appletree Consulting worked closely with Appletree Management Services to assist Hexcel Structures, Kent WA at a supplier in the Los Angeles area. The following comments are on record: -

    "Appletree Management Services has provided oversight, problem resolution, and expediting services at a supplier with a difficult relationship and significant financial concerns. Their service has proven to be very helpful and cost effective.

    They understand supplier relationships, contractual terms, manufacturing processes, and quality assurance. By using their service I was able to avoid the travel costs and loss of production from having to place one of my buyers at the supplier full-time.

    I would not hesitate to use them again in a supplier oversight and expediting role, if the need arrives."

    - K. M. Crabtree, Supply Chain Manager

  • Martin-Baker Aircraft Company Ltd., Higher Denham, UK
  • Appletree Consulting, Inc. assisted the Martin-Baker Aircraft Company in background preparation work to assist in supplier negotiations in California. The following comments are on record: -

    "The background preparation work undertaken by 'Appletree' greatly assisted Martin-Baker to maximise the results from direct supplier contact opportunities."

    "Martin-Baker would certainly consider using these services in the future for similar activities."

    - A.G.Patrick, Purchasing Manager

  • Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse S.A.
  • Appletree Consulting, Inc. represented Liebherr on-site at SSP in a customer / supplier liaison role supporting several aircraft programs. The following comments are on record: -

    "We would like to say that we were very pleased and satisfied to work with APPLETREE CONSULTING."

    "Thanks to their great efforts and advices, APPLETREE CONSULTING helped us in reviving the activity of our supplier SSP, located in the U.S.A., on the programs of BOMBARDIER Global Express and CRJ."

    - Frederic Dezauzier, Purchasing Manager.

  • Senior Flexonics, SSP Division, Burbank, California
  • Bernard Evans of Appletree Consulting, Inc. worked on-site at SSP as a representative for Liebherr. ACI worked in a customer / supplier liaison role supporting several aircraft programs. The following comments on Bernard's services are on record: -

    "Bernard's knowledge and efforts lead to very successful program accomplishments." "Bernard demonstrated good judgment and worked well with our staff. I found him to be reliable and dedicated… and professional in his discipline."

    "I highly recommend Bernard and Appletree Consulting, Inc. for support of Operations / Program needs."

    - Bret Matta, Director Aircraft Systems, Senior Flexonics.

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