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ACI helps your business operate in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our services are intended to be retained only as and when they are needed, and are tailored for each client.

The services described below can be used to both proactively avoid supplier problems developing, and to help manage and resolve supplier problems if and when they occur.

The services most frequently provided by ACI fit under the broad definition of 'On-Site Representation'. Within that context ACI's services can generally be categorized as follows:

  • Expediting
  • Sub-Contract Management
  • Monitoring
  • Overseeing
  • Assessing

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    ACI is a cost-effective
    alternative to sending staff
    to visit suppliers in the US and UK.

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          1. assisting the progress of; hastening (an action, process, etc.)
          2. accomplishing (business) quickly
          3. Using Appletree Consulting, Inc.

    One phrase is true in most businesses... "The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Oil!"

    When a supplier establishes their priorities, it is typically the client that demands the most attention who gets the most attention.

    If your business is not the suppliers' largest client your needs may get overlooked, especially if that supplier is falling behind with deliveries in general. In these situations it is typically the business that demands the most attention that is likely to get the highest visibility at that supplier.

    Retain ACI to be your 'squeaky wheel' at your US and UK suppliers, ensuring the needs of your business have high visibility at that supplier.

    When a shipment has to be made on time, retain ACI to ensure your parts don't 'stall' on the shop floor, sit on a shelf, or become otherwise overlooked. ACI will work to move your parts through the necessary supplier processes as expediently as possible.

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    Sub-Contract Management

    When your supplier has an issue that impacts your schedule, you want to be sure it is being resolved in the quickest and most effective manner.

    You may have lost faith in the suppliers' management, or simply would feel more comfortable knowing someone on-site at the supplier was specifically focused on your parts.

    Retain ACI to become your on-site program manager. With co-operation from your supplier, ACI can assume a project-management role for your parts on your suppliers' site, ensuring they are moved through the remaining processes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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    Use ACI to regularly and independently monitor progress against the commitments your supplier has made to you!

    Suppliers, especially those in difficulty, have to set priorities and make judgment calls. Their priorities can change not only several times a week but even several times a day. Promises made at the start of the week (or day) may not be kept by the weeks (or days) end.

    If you are scheduling your business around promises your supplier is making, if they don't keep to their promises, it is bound to throw your business planning and scheduling processes into chaos.

    By using ACI, your business will benefit by having increased visibility of the progress of your order while also getting timely visibility of dynamically evolving issues and altered priorities.

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    The distinction of this service from the role of 'monitoring' as described above is that overseeing services are those where ACI's services are used in a witnessing context.

    An example of this would be the independent observation and witnessing of the performance functions such as qualification testing on engineering programs.

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    ACI is also able to perform assessments, analysis and evaluations on your behalf.

    These services can be used, for example, to ensure that the supplier is adhereing to any contractual or specification terms and conditions relevant to processes and procedures.

    ACI's services can be used to ensure that your business meets its obligations too. Many companies have procedures that stipulate that certain suppliers must have certain evaluations and assessments made at regular intervals, such as annually or monthly. ACI can work with your business to determine the most effective way of assisting your business in meeting these obligations.

    If your business is looking for new or supplemental suppliers, ACI can facilitate gaining the details your business needs to be able to 'vet' and assess new or existing suppliers to aid in selection or approval processes.

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