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ACI works hard to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. We ask for, and have received feedback and testimonials from our clients and also from the businesses we have worked on-site with.

Appletree Consulting, Inc. (ACI) has provided on-site representation and business facilitation services on behalf of several businesses, including the following:

Lockheed Martin Bombardier Learjet
Goodrich Power Systems DRS
Liebherr Aerospace Nord-Micro AG & Co OHG
Hexcel Kent Martin Baker

  • DRS
  • ACI has represented DRS Laurel Technologies at several suppliers, primarily in the Greater Los Angeles area, but also in the 'Silicon Valley' area, the Midwest, and in the United Kingdom.

    On-site support has been provided at a diverse range of companies including those making circuit boards, electronic assemblies, racks and enclosures, connectors and 'quick disconnect's, rubber suppliers and component processors.

    The purpose of these visits has encompassed expediting critical shortages and open orders as usual, as well as working as a communications facilitator, ensuring both client and supplier were 'on the same page' with respect to priorities, specifications, and due dates.

    After every on-site visit DRS was supplied with a detailed report describing the status of the 'Work In Progress' at the supplier, any shortages and / or constraints the supplier was facing, actions required by both sides to address problem issues, and updated 'Expected Completion Dates'.

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  • Lockheed Martin
  • ACI has represented Lockheed Martin SEMAC, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics at several suppliers in the Los Angeles area, including support on-site at optics facilities, foundries, and braising and component suppliers.

    These visits were to expedite critical shortages and to obtain accurate status on open orders relating to several major programs. Some issues addressed in these visits have included logistics associated with manufacturing sites located across international borders.

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  • Learjet
  • ACI has represented Bombardier Aerospace Learjet at several diverse suppliers in the Los Angeles area, including a wing-skin fabrication facility, a landing gear actuation facility, a fastener facility, a hinge fabrication facility, a brake valve assembly supplier and a windshield fabrication facility.

    These visits were to expedite key shortages and to ensure the suppliers remained focused on meeting Learjet's needs. After every visit Learjet was provided a status report describing in detail the current status of each part, the steps remaining to completion and the action owners.

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  • Goodrich Power Systems
  • ACI represented Goodrich Power Systems at several facilities in the Los Angeles area. These include foundries fabricating generator and pump housings; and machining facilities that turn raw castings into completed parts.

    These visits were to expedite key shortages, maintain overall visibility to Goodrich on the fabrication progress, and to ensure critical shipments were made on time, to the correct location, and in the correct manner.

    This role included ensuring the suppliers maintained a steady focus on the Goodrich parts in the face of conflicting demands from other businesses competing for attention at the supplier. After every visit a status report was e-mailed to Goodrich facilities in the UK and the US providing a status report and spreadsheet describing in detail the current status of each part, the steps remaining to completion and the action owners.

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  • Nord-Micro, a business unit of Hamilton Sundstrand
  • Nord-Micro manufactures control systems and components for aircraft cabin pressure and ventilation.

    ACI represented Nord-Micro at one of its key suppliers, a foundry in the Los Angeles 'Inland Empire' area. The role performed by ACI was that of ensuring delivery performance to Nord-Micro was brought back on schedule while helping address several technical issues with the parts.

    The increased visibility provided by ACI of progress of their parts through the foundry production process helped Nord-Micro reassure it's clients that they would meet their targets.

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  • Hexcel Structures, Kent, Washington, USA
  • The services provided included regular on-site visits to a supplier in the Los Angeles area to establish and monitor the status of multiple past-due purchase orders. The role included working to help establish realistic completion dates, facilitating the close-out of unresolved procurement and quality paperwork issues, expediting critical deliveries and management of local tooling movement.

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  • Martin Baker Aircraft Company Ltd., Higher Denham, UK
  • Services were provided to the Martin-Baker Aircraft Company to assist in their preparation for supplier negotiations in California.

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  • Liebherr Aerospace, Toulouse, France
  • ACI provided on-site assistance at one of Liebherr's suppliers in Los Angeles. The tasks undertaken involved working to overcome the information exchange difficulties inherent with businesses separated by a significant number of time zones. By being their on-site representative, ACI was able to offer Liebherr tailored information feedback faster than had been previously possible.

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  • TRW Lucas Aerospace, Hemel Hempstead, UK - (Now Goodrich Power Systems)
  • ACI worked on-site at the Flight Test Center of TRW Lucas Aerospace's customer in Wichita, Kansas. The tasks undertaken encompassed preparing and performing test routines to verify component and aircraft system performance during hardware and software upgrades.

    The task also involved preparing daily reports to feed back to TRW Lucas key information on progress against schedules and reporting any issues arising.

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