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Cost-Effectiveness of Appletree Consulting Inc.

ACI's services provide a cost-effective alternative to sending staff from your business to visit suppliers across the US and in the UK, especially for on-going issues.

Sending staff from your business incurrs both direct and indirect costs. The direct costs are easily quantified. The indirect costs are difficult to assign a figure to, and can be incurred by several areas of your business.

Some of the costs typically incurred for a visit to a remote supplier are:

Direct Costs Indirect Costs
Travel Their reduced / lost productivity while away
Accomodation Their time spent catching up on return
Expenses Productivity impact to co-workers

Disruption to planning & scheduling

Business Overheads

ACI saves your business money by eliminating virtually all indirect costs of sending a member of your staff out of the office, and the costs of retaining ACI will likely be less than the total of the direct costs. Contact ACI to learn more.

ACI is a cost-effective
alternative to sending staff
to visit suppliers in the US and UK.

Contact ACI to see how much money your business could save by retaining ACI's services instead of sending your own staff.

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